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Our Curriculum Pathway below, is an excellent starting point for your research.

University Collegiate School Curriculum Statement 

Unlocking potential

A place for learning, innovation and opportunity to develop our students so they have:
Q  uality of education
U  se of research informed learning
E  quipping students for the future
S  hared responsibility in learning
T  ime to reflect and unlock potential

Curriculum Intent

We are committed to providing a curriculum with breadth and depth that allows our students to be able to achieve:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Technical excellence 
  • Student agency and skills for life

Our core values underpinning this commitment are:



Curriculum implementation

The implementation of our curriculum intent to unlock the potential of our students is broken down into 3 areas:



We ACTIVATE students learning through:

  • Developing students’ knowledge through a broad and balanced curriculum
  • A focus on health sciences and engineering and STEM
  • A focus on personalised learning and the use of digital strategies


We BREAKTHROUGH the traditional curriculum boundaries by:

  • Embracing a STEM focus
  • Using coaching to develop students into owners of their learning journey
  • Engaging in project based learning


We CULTIVATE our students for their future beyond UCS by:

  • Developing them to be global citizens
  • Working in, and with, the local community
  • Working with local employers
  • Engaging in meaningful work experience placements and project based learning
  • A programme of enrichment activities enhancing cultural capital for all




Project based learning

Timetabled curriculum lessons, with a focus on STEM, health sciences and engineering making use of specialist facilities within the building and employer links.


Sessions within the school day with a STEM or citizenship focus

                e.g. F1 in schools; Green power; NCS; Duke of Edinburgh awards…

Extra-Curricular (UCS Extra)

Sessions within and around the school day embracing a range of interests

                e.g.  choir; chess; reading; art; bee keeping; photography…

UCS Boost 

Intervention session to boost students’ academic achievement


Timetabled curriculum lessons in Key stage 3 with a focus on student agency and independent learning.