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CGI Cyber Escape at UoB

Our students had a wonderful opportunity to work with the University of Bolton Cyber Team on their temporary escape room provision this week. The facility is designed to provide people with a practical teaching environment to learn more about the importance of cyber security.

Each of the challenges is fun and interactive, as well as providing a depth of learning to support our classroom practice, all based around the popular entertainment activity of an escape room.

Students were faced with two rooms, one designed to resemble a home environment, and the other a secretive environment that a hacker might use to infiltrate the home.

Having been presented with a brief, our student teams had just an hour to crack the codes and hack through a competitors cyber security systems to steal their secrets. Additional clues, designed to get them closer to a solution, but simultaneously highlighting flaws in the cyber security provided a depth of thinking and teaching for our students that they otherwise would not have had access to. A truly inspirational experience for all involved.


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