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UCS Unlocks 2 - Knife Crime Awareness

Byron Highton - Anti Knife Crime Ambassador

Byron has dedicated his life to stopping knife crime in the UK, after his own brother was murdered in 2014. After his younger brother Jon-Jo was stabbed over 50 years in the last year of his life, Byron uses his pain and PTSD to educate others on the cause, dangers, and aftermath of knife crime – working alongside the police. His aim is to prevent the trauma of what happened to him and his family, from happening to anyone else.

The main objectives of his presentations and workshops are to educate and raise awareness with our Year 11, 12 and 13 students on knife crime and youth violence prevention - inspiring young people to change their way of life or preventing involvement in the first place.

The impact that Byron had on our students was incredible - his presentation really struck a chord with many.


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