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QUEST aspires to ‘Unlock potential’ and ensure a world class organisation providing exciting opportunities for its pupils and staff. It is a place for learning, innovation and opportunity.

Our Spirit of Purpose is to have:

  • Pride in who we are and in everything we do;

  • Understanding of our direction, vision and expectations;

  • Respect for all;

  • Positivity and professionalism;

  • Opportunity to succeed;

  • Support to reach potential;

  • Equality and excellence.


Our schools are all about passion, determination and enthusiasm. We see challenges as opportunities and have an unshakeable belief in the right of children to a high quality education.

The QUEST Trust contact details are:

682 Atherton Road,

Hindley Green,



Tel: 01942 834000 

The trust website can be found at: 

To contact our Chair of Director please use our main telephone number 01942 834000.

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