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Safeguarding in Bolton Local Authority


If you are worried that a child may be being abused or neglected then please take action.  Use the link above or click here to refer through the Bolton Safeguarding Team. 

Key Contacts:​

  • Integrated Front Door Team/Children's Services                 01204 331500

  • Fort Alice (Domestic Violence support:                                  01204 365677

  • Endeavour Project (Domestic Violence support)                   01204 394842

  • Childline 0800 1111, NSPCC:                                                   01204 365677

  • Samaritans                                                                                0330 094 5717

The Bolton Safeguarding website Bolton Safeguarding Children  provides information about what to do if there are concerns about the
Safeguarding of a student.  This includes details of how to contact the local Integrated Front Door Assessment Team, Children’s Services Team, Bolton Lads and Girls Club and Urban Outreach Teams.

The contact details listed above for the referral and assessment team are for office hours only (9am-5pm).  Outside these times the Bolton Emergency Duty Team can be contacted on 01204 337777.

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