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Our Specialisms

The UCS Bolton provides an outstanding technical and academic education for 11-19 year olds where every student, through personalised learning, coaching and employer engagements, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible in order to create the next generation of scientists, healthcare practitioners, engineers and entrepreneurs.  


The school is home to:

  • Specialist facilities for healthcare, dentistry, pharmacy, robotics, electronics, medical technologies.

  • A range of facilities for teaching core curriculum including flexible teaching areas, breakout spaces and ICT suites.

  • State of the art science facilities.

  • University quality seminar and conference facilities for use in order to host national and international guest speakers.

  • Access to world class university facilities

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Health Sciences

Do you enjoy science and technology? Are you curious about how the human body works and potentially looking at entering the health sector for your career? Do you want to solve problems and help to make a difference in the wider community? 

Our health science specialism can help you to achieve all of those dreams and more, by opening your world up to a range of experiences, resources and employers to engage your future.  We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work across numerous vocational areas of the health care and wellbeing sectors. 


Health sciences looks at new ways to prevent, as well as treat illness and to help people to lead healthier lifestyles.   Breakthroughs in medicine and health and happening daily, and that has never been more evident than during the recent pandemic.  As a student at the UCS, you will look at both the application of health care and the science that underpins it. 


Our Health Sciences offer includes the use of state-of-the-art equipment, covering careers including dentistry, optometry, audiology, real-life emergency simulators, sports science and pharmaceuticals... so we've got something for everyone, and for every health care profession.  


Do you like to get to the bottom of how things work, solve problems and make things? You could be an engineer!

Engineering is a combination of science and maths used to solve real-life problems. As an engineer you could help to design and construct visionary buildings, work on aircraft, develop the latest green technology to save the planet, or invent new medical devices to improve healthcare systems..


Our Engineering specialism focuses on automation, robotics and computisation, and it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work across this diverse and growing sector. You will learn Computer Aided Design (CAD) and work in state-of-the-art facilities including high-spec workshops for materials’ testing, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. 

Part of your learning will involve real-life challenges set by engineering and manufacturing employers that will stretch you and build your industry skills, like the Royal Navy Engineering Challenge which our students take part in each year.

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