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Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of English literature and language at UCS. Our curriculum is designed to foster a deep love for reading, enhance critical thinking, and develop a nuanced understanding of diverse cultures and world issues.

Curriculum Overview

The English curriculum offer explores a diverse range of content which looks to embed key skills from KS3 to promote students’ development towards mastery as they progress to KS4. As well as this, it is our mission to support individuals in leading a well-rounded life beyond the classroom whereby they have had exposure to a broad curriculum of incorporating a variety of cultures, religions, concepts and literary texts across all schemes of work. This will enable students to utilise their cultural awareness in informed discussions both in an academic and non-academic environment.

English at KS3 is designed to comply with the National Curriculum framework and support students in becoming active and engaged learners that have a love of reading, opportunities for discussion and debate as well as promoting creativity. This is achieved through the sequential KS3 units whereby students study a plethora of fictional and nonfictional texts, two Shakespeare plays and a range of poetry that will support their journey towards mastery as they progress through secondary education.


The English curriculum at KS4 builds upon the knowledge and skills taught on students’ KS3 journey to maximise their chances of achieving mastery of not only academic success but in equipping students with ample life skills for their future post-16. The curriculum has been tailored to fit the AQA specification, whereby students are taught English language and English literature as separate subjects to ensure that skills are explicitly embedded into students’ exam practice, yet schematic links in knowledge and content are consistently made across both subjects to promote exam success and support students’ future prospects.

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Teaching English

"Quality First Teaching" underpins our approach, ensuring lessons are engaging, inclusive, and tailored to foster deep understanding across all key stages.

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UTC Fingerprint

Our curriculum emphasizes employer engagement, offering students real-world applications of English studies, including theater visits, author workshops, and career-focused units.

Supporting young people from Early Years to Employment

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A curriculum rich in content and context motivates students through relatable topics, promoting autonomy and expressive freedom within a structured learning environment.

Additional Resources

Explore further with links to external resources and other enriching materials.

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