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#Get aHEaD

At UCS University Collegiate School, we believe that every student has the potential to achieve greatness. Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment where students can thrive. Our values emphasise Professionalism, Responsibility, and Loyalty which are reflected by our students.

Extra Curricular Timetable

The UCS facilitates a comprehensive extra-curricular timetable which changes each half-term.  This ensures that that we can ensure that the needs of every student are met, and there is genuinely something for everyone.  

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Period 7 Intervention Timetable

The UCS operates a Period 7 intervention timetable from Monday-Wednesday for all subjects.  Students are identified by faculties and a timetable is constructed around student need, allowing immediate intervention as and when required.   Sessions are led by subject experts, often the students teacher or Head of Department.

The UCS is an F1 in Schools provider



The UCS has two aims:

  • To promote equality of opportunity by ensuring that students have access to key experiential learning, that not only allows them to access the curriculum, but also aims to bring the learnt curriculum to life, regardless of any barrier that they may have faced in life to date. 

  • To work with potential employers to ensure that our graduates leave with key experiences, technical skills and life skills that allow them to access the world or work, and stand out from the crowd. Promoting technical skills and creating employable graduates.

Our curriculum leaders have identified a range of opportunities that are mapped for students to access throughout their seven years with us. These strategical linked activities bring to life previous or future learning, and promote cross-curricular learning, ensuring that we highlight the transfer of knowledge and skills across curriculum areas and into the workplace.  

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Reading at UCS:
A Gateway to Learning

Overview At UCS, we champion reading as the cornerstone of learning. Recognising that proficient readers become successful learners, we integrate reading across all subjects, offering our students a diverse range of texts to challenge and engage them at every stage of their educational journey.

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